Participant 4: Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht (UMCU), The Netherlands

PI: Geert J. Biessels

With almost 30,000 students, over 6,000 staff, and an annual budget of 810 million euros (2018), UU is one of the largest general research universities in Europe. It ranks first in the Netherlands and 14th in Europe on the 2018 Shanghai Ranking. In 2017, it generated 234 million Euro in external research funding. The UMCU is one of the largest public health care institutions in the Netherlands, with over 11,000 employees, including almost 1000 PhD students. The department of Neurology & Neurosurgery at UMCU treats over 600 patients with acute stroke each year and has a dedicated vascular cognitive impairment clinic. The Center for Image Sciences (CIS) is performing world leading imaging research and image based therapy research at the UMCU. The Center for Image Sciences (CIS) at the UMCU employs and trains 120 PhD students in grant funded research projects. The members of the project team at UMCU have ample experience with the design, coordination, analysis, and reporting of advanced brain imaging studies as well as with neurocognitive testing.

UMCU will participate in WP1, WP 4 (WP co-leader), WP5 (WP leader), WP7, WP8, and WP9