Participant 19: ANAXOMICS Biotech S.L. (AX), Spain

PI: Judith Farrés

Anaxomics is a company specialized in bioinformatics and systems biology providing services for drug discovery, pre-clinical and clinical development. Anaxomics offers a unique combination of cutting-edge artificial intelligence developments and the work of a highly skilled team of professionals to provide a wide array of continuously refined services. Anaxomics offers its broad expertise in systems biology and its state-of-the-art biocomputational methodologies to provide a new insight in the understanding of the complexity of biological processes and innovative solutions to take our understanding of drugs and diseases to a new level.

In RECOGNISED data will be gathered from across a range of disciplines, stored, combined, and used in new and creative large-scale informatics applications. We will exploit the capabilities of systems biology and data science approaches developed by partner Anaxomics to integrate and jointly analyse all the data in a mechanistic context. The inescapable fact that biological pathways are highly interconnected represents one of the major motivations for adopting a system-level approach to help achieve RECOGNISED objectives. Moreover, systems biology approaches provide an optimal framework for integrating and synthesizing diverse knowledge into a consistent and unified view framework. Analysis of data in the context of biological networks has the potential to reveal unexpected or under-appreciated biological connections.

AX will participate in WP1, WP7 (WP co-leader), WP8, and WP9.