Participant 13: Javna Ustanova Univerzitet Crne Gore Pogdorica (UM), Montenegro.

PI: Nataša Popović

The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Montenegro has been founded 20 years ago, with the ambition to become the leader in education and research in Montenegro and in the region. Currently there are 691 students enrolled into one of the 3 professional tracks: 329 to the School of Medicine (to earn the degree of Medical Doctor), 159 to the School of Dentistry (to earn the degree of Doctor of Stomatology), and 203 to the School of Pharmacy (to earn the degree of Doctor of Pharmacy). Preclinical subjects are taught at the Faculty of Medicine campus, while the Clinical Center of Montenegro serves as a teaching base for the clinical subjects. Therefore, although they work together and often share the facilities and equipment, the team members from Montenegro are employed by one of the two separate legal entities- either by the UM Faculty of Medicine, or by the Clinical Center of Montenegro.

The research activities at the Faculty of Medicine take place at the Scientific Research Center (SRC). The lab constituents of the SRC are: 1) the vascular physiology and neurophysiology lab, 2) the laboratory for morphological studies, 3) laboratory for functional studies and 4) molecular biology lab. Main research interests at the SRC are focused on chronic diseases of the old age: involvement of mitochondrial dysfunction in pathogenesis of dementia and cancer, pathogenesis, early diagnosis and prevention of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

UM will participate in WP1, WP3, WP4, WP5, WP6, WP8, and WP9.